This section should be the most important to any scholar that is involved in the dissertation writings because they are going to air their views here- a departure from what they have gotten from the works of other authors. There are several approaches to going about finding and discussion sections; where the dissertation is short, the two can be compressed into one single chapter but if the dissertation involves several chapters, then both will take different chapters. The information contained here will dictate the finer details of your dissertation paper.

Preparation Before Writing

Before you think of writing, you must have gotten grips on your findings which will give the scholar a clear picture of what they want to write about. The amount of data to be included during the process of findings is an area that scholars encounter issues. There is a need to create an outline if a better result is to be gotten. It gives the structure needed and makes the process easier.

The Findings Chapter

The findings chapter will take the greater part of the dissertation and it can take up to about 40% of the entire dissertation. The introduction should be logical and organized. Four main components are involved here:

  • Remind the reader of what you set out to achieve
  • How do you intend to approach the write-up of the results-a brief description is required 
  • The research should be placed in a context
  • The Appendix should be highlighted because that is the place to find research instruments

An Organized Data

Data should be well managed if the expected results are to be achieved. Writing too much in one chapter will be counter-productive. The use of subheadings will help keep your work properly organized. There is the need to be methodical, telling the lines to the readers in a way that makes sense to the project.

Qualitative And Quantitative Data

Qualitative data involves larger and more detailed responses. Where you conduct interviews and observations, you are going to be saddled with loads of pages that need to be written. Putting the data together in a chapter will bring some challenges. Presenting quantitative data can also be challenging for reasons of numbers, percentages, and statistics that can twist the reasoning of the readers.

Analysis and synthesis in discussion

No matter what level of dissertation you are writing; there is the need to keep this discussion section short. Critical thinking is a must here because without it; you will never be able to achieve anything worthwhile. Providing your own opinion on your topic can be challenging at first, but it is a nut that you must crack to achieve the best in critical thinking.

Creating sub-sections that will lead to harmony in the work is essential. There must be a link between the various chapters and the flow should be seamless if the results that mattered are to be achieved at the end of the day.

Final Words

The above represents what is required to prepare the best template for dissertation findings and discussion sections. They describe, analyze, synthesize models should be well exploited to get the best results at the end of the dissertation. Also, you should not forget to proofread and edit your dissertation after finishing it. Writing professionals at can provide you with these services at low price.