Most learners have no clue about writing the literature review. It sounds easy, but there are certain things one should consider. It is hard for you to write a literature review if you have never tried it before. You will not know if you are on the right track or you’re doing the wrong thing. If you try hard and still have problems, you can get help from different websites. There’s no need to get a bad grade when you have a solution. Students often have numerous questions concerning literature review. If you have questions, some of them will get answered here, and you will know what gets required of you.

Literature Review is an assessment of the previous research of your work.

The Purpose: it gives the background information that is required to understand the study. It provides the reader with an easier time to understand your work. It shows the reader that you know the research carried out in the area. It gives you more knowledge because of thorough research.

Things to Include

You should have research in the above field. The study will be recent, convenient, and relevant.

How to Organize your Work

You have to ensure that you use the correct strategy. There is no way you can arrange the work in a way that only you can understand. Organize your work around critical debates. Start with the last specific things, then go ahead to the more specific ones.

Reference to Use

You will follow the reference of the best journals in the field you are taking. If you’re not sure of the reference, get help. You can ask your supervisor so that you don’t mess up in any way. There is no need to do your things when did someone to help you.

Ways of Referring to Authors

It will depend on your focus. When it comes to the information, you have to use the name or number. If it is not the actor, consider using acknowledging phrases.

The Length

It is a vital part that most learners assume. If you want to get excellent grades, it is good to consider the size. If you write fewer words than the ones required, you will be spoiling your chances of getting good grades. If you write too much, there is a high possibility you will write irrelevant points. You have to start by reading the guidelines so that you know the length that is required. If your school does not specify anything concerning the length, there is a guide for you;

60% of the words that are in your thesis should be your own. If you write a literature review that texts up to 40% of your work, that is too long. You have to balance your work so that it makes sense.

What You are Expected to Do

You have to recognize the vital research in the field you are taking. You can understand things better by organizing your work correctly. Afterward, you can see the study gap, and that will get filled with your study.